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There are 3 different membership levels for the Self Catering Accommodation scheme.

AA-rated businesses already in the Hotel or Bed and Breakfast scheme can pay a reduced fee for their self-catering units (see page two of the offer fees below).

Quality Star Rating

This involves an inspection testing all services, resulting in a star rating (from 3 to 5) if the criteria are met. When you apply to join the scheme, you will be visited and rated by a trained professional who will assess against seven key areas: bedrooms, bathrooms, cleanliness, public areas, kitchens, exterior, and management efficiency. Where additional facilities are provided e.g. spa, these will also be assessed.

As well as your establishment having a page on RatedTrips.com, you'll have access to AA logos, signage, and a range of marketing benefits

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Quality Assessed

This accreditation level involves a full inspection, testing all services to ensure minimum quality standards are met, but with no star rating awarded. Establishments are eligible for, and may achieve, other associated awards such as our Gold Awards.

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Visitor Ready

This is a free, entry-level accreditation scheme that will provide your business with a digital badge to verify that all mandatory legal requirements are being met. Displaying the badge on your website will show that you are a safe and trusted venue to visit.
Your Visitor Ready account can also be used as a secure online wallet for your compliance documents, and you can receive reminders for when documents need to be renewed.

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