How we quality assess accommodation

VisitEngland Quality Standards

At VisitEngland, we’re passionate about raising England’s profile, increasing the volume and value of tourism, and developing England’s visitor economy by working with organisations of all sizes and specialities.

A VisitEngland Star rating or accreditation gives potential customers a label they can trust. Highlighting your dedication to quality shows that your business has been independently verified by the national tourism agency as offering a consistently high standard of service.

Over the years, our Quality Standards have evolved to keep pace with consumer expectations, and we’ve worked hard to ensure our ratings and awards are accurate, consistent and reliable. We also work closely with accommodation providers to ensure our standards are straightforward and realistic. These standards were modernised and simplified in 2023 by an independently chaired Quality Advisory Board, which included key stakeholders from across the hospitality industry.

Quality Assessed

This level of accreditation will promote businesses where they have been fully inspected and assessed against the quality standards but prefer to be marketed without a star rating.

Having undergone a full assessment, each year they would be eligible for, and may achieve, various awards such as the VisitEngland ROSE Awards.

Quality Star Rated

Reflecting the marketplace and consumer demand, we have recalibrated the star ratings to 3 to 5 Stars. 

3 Star requirements are the minimum requirements for each scheme. The standards themselves have been fully updated to reflect the marketplace, the ever increasing diversity of product in the industry and a greater flexibility in service provision that acknowledges the growing use of technology and other innovations in the guest experience.

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