How are AA hotels rated?


Common Quality Standards

We assess and rate accommodation under a set of standards agreed by the UK tourist authorities – Common Quality Standards are the basis for the inspections that take place.


Hotel star rating

Ranging from 1 to 5, star ratings denote the standard of quality for hotels.

★ Courteous staff provide an informal yet competent service. All rooms are ensuite or have private facilities. A designated eating area serves breakfast daily and dinner most evenings.

★ ★ A restaurant or dining room serves breakfast daily and dinner most evenings.

★ ★ ★ Staff are smartly and professionally presented. The restaurant or dining room is open to residents and non-residents.

★ ★ ★ ★ Professional, uniformed staff respond to your needs or requests. Well-appointed public areas. The restaurant or dining room is open to residents and non-residents. Lunch is available in a designated eating area.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Luxurious accommodation and public areas. A range of extra facilities and a multilingual service available. Guests are greeted at the hotel entrance. High quality menu and wine list.

Inspector's Choice. Each year we select the best hotels in each rating. These hotels stand out as the very best in the United Kingdom, regardless of style. 

Highly Recommended. Hotels with Silver Stars have been selected for their superior levels of quality, high standards of housekeeping and for the quality of food within their star rating.


Types of hotel

Hotel: Formal accommodation offering full hotel service.

Country House Hotel: Features ample grounds or gardens in rural or semi-rural setting with an emphasis on tranquility.

Small Hotel: Smaller establishments of 20 rooms or fewer with a more personal feel, usually run by the proprietor.

Town House Hotel: Distinctively-styled town or city-centre property with a room-count not over 50, offering either dining or room-service options.

Metro Hotel: Town or city property providing full hotel services apart from dinner, though within close proximity to a range of eateries.

Budget Hotel: Usually a modern, purpose-built property offering inexpensive rates, often located near motorways and in town or city centres.

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