How are AA caravan and camping sites rated?


Common Quality Standards

We assess and rate accommodation under a set of standards agreed by the UK tourist authorities – Common Quality Standards are the basis for the inspections that take place.

Caravan and camping sites pennant rating

Ranging from 1 to 5, pennant ratings denote the standard of quality and variety of facilities for caravans and camping sites.

One-pennant parks offer a simple standard of facilities. You can expect to find no more than 30 pitches per acre, with at least 10% of the pitches allocated to tourers. There will be an adequate drinking water supply and reasonable drainage, plus a washroom with flush toilets (if there are no toilet facilities this should be clearly stated). Chemical disposal arrangements are provided, ideally with running water and clearly signed refuse disposal arrangements. The ground will be well-drained with some level pitches, and entrance and access roads will be of an adequate width and surface.

  These parks offer a better level of facilities, services, customer care and ground maintenance. You should find separate washrooms, including at least two WCs and two washbasins, with hot and cold water, per gender for every 30 pitches. Toilet blocks will be externally lit and a warden will be available, at times indicated, during the day. Covered and lit dishwashing facilities are provided and you can expect to find a park reception area.

   Three-pennant parks are of a very good standard with well-maintained facilities and grounds, and attention to customer care and security. You can expect to find modern toilet blocks and also modern shower cubicles (one per gender for every 35 pitches). The parks offer some electric-hook-ups, hardstandings, wheel runs and/or firm level ground. A laundry with at least one washing machine and drying facilities will be available, and you can expect to find a children's playground.

    These parks have achieved an extremely high standard in all areas. You can expect fully tiled shower cubicles and some combined toilet-washing cubicles. A warden is available at all times, and there is a good level of security and supervision. At least half of the pitches will have an electric hook-up and there will be a maximum of 25 pitches per camping acre. There will also be a shop on site or nearby, and the park will have a reception area and a late-arrivals enclosure.

     Premier Parks are of an extremely high standard, set in attractive surroundings with mature landscaping. Facilities, security and customer care are exceptional. You can expect to find electric hook-ups at most pitches, and first-class toilet facilities, including several self-contained cubicles ideally with a WC, washbasin and shower. At many Premier Parks you will find a well-equipped shop, a heated swimming pool, and a café, restaurant and/or bar.

Caravan and camping sites criteria

A portion of the assessment includes the level of customer care and hospitality, along with toilet facilities and park landscaping – all based on the inspector’s experienced opinion. The percentage score runs from 50% to 100%, and indicates the relative quality of parks with the same pennant rating. The top level is classified as a Five Pennant Premier Park.

There are separate categories for holiday centres and glamping sites. The AA pennant rating is only based on the touring pitches and the facilities at campsites and caravan parks. AA inspectors do not visit or report on rented static caravans or chalets.

AA Pennant-rated parks and holiday centres achieve an overall quality score as a percentage, which helps to differentiate parks with the same Pennant rating. AA Gold Pennants are awarded to the very best camping parks with a Quality Score of 90% and above within the 2, 3, 4 and 5 Pennant ratings. AA Platinum Pennants are awarded to the very best camping parks with a Quality Score of 95% and above with a 5 Pennant rating.

Holiday centres

Holiday centre is the term used to distinguish a park that caters for all holiday needs. Anyone staying on one of these parks will have no need to go elsewhere for meals or entertainment. Holiday centres also receive a percentage score between 50% and 100% to differentiate quality levels within the same grading. Like the pennant rating, this percentage is reassessed annually. Those classed as holiday centres will offer:

- A wide range of onsite sports, leisure and recreational facilities
- Supervision and security of a very high level
- A choice of eating outlets
- Touring facilities of equal importance to statics
- Maximum density of 30 pitches per acre
- A clubhouse with entertainment provided
- An automatic laundry

Glamping sites criteria

AA glamping sites are inspected and rated from 1 to 5 black pennants. This is an assessment of the quality and variety of facilities a site offers – based on the inspector's experienced opinion. The percentage score runs from 50 to 100, and indicates the relative quality of sites with the same pennant rating.

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