How we quality assess accommodation


Recognising accommodation since 1908, we first introduced the star rating scheme in 1912. This enables us to inspect and reward establishments for the quality and range of their services and facilities.

Set and agreed by the four national tourist boards, we assess and rate under the Common Quality Standards. To ensure our ratings remain accurate, consistent, and reliable, our Common Quality Standards continually evolve to reflect industry changes, customer demand, and consumer expectations within the industry.

Common Quality Standards

The Common Quality Standards are the basis for the inspections that take place. Establishments wishing to achieve a nationally recognised and approved rating must acknowledge and adhere to the criteria carefully. 

We assess and rate accommodation under a set of standards agreed by the UK tourist authorities. To ensure fair comparisons and to aid consumers in distinguishing between different accommodation types across the UK, each accommodation type is assigned a sub-category.


Ranging from 1 to 5, star ratings denote the standard of quality for hotels, guest accommodation, self-catering, and serviced accommodation.

Ranging from 1 to 5, pennant ratings denote the standard of quality and variety of facilities offered at caravan parks, campsites, and glamping sites.


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